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Mastermind Parenting Podcast

Jan 26, 2021

On this episode, our inaugural VIP Mastermind Couple, Brian and Carley, reveal a little more about their professional lives as a pediatrician and a physical therapist and the resources that have helped them the most as parents.

When parents first begin learning Mastermind Parenting, we focus on the quick wins regarding bedtime and basic needs to reduce overwhelm and build momentum. And eventually, the plateau happens, similar to a weightloss journey, as Brian describes.

Amanda, our Mastermind Mentor and therapist chimes in on why she’s sick and tired of doing meltdown webinars and the real root cause of meltdowns and the solution.

This conversation will leave you feeling like a fly on the personal wall of doctors, therapists and child development professionals and how they discuss strong willed kid topics behind the scenes. 

If you’re looking to turn things around like this couple has, the VIP program they did with us can be found at the link

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