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Mastermind Parenting Podcast

Oct 13, 2020

This week on the podcast, I “sat” down with my friend and fellow coach, Amy Pearson, to discuss finding “your peeps”. 

Both Amy and I strive to live a life that feels connected, purpose driven and good in our bodies. I think that more of us than we realize, are living a life that doesn’t feel great.

You can be surrounded by people, have a full or “busy” schedule and social calendar and still feel a sense of “stuckness”.

Amy and I candidly discuss all these issues and more. I LOVE her ⅓ rule and I can’t wait for you to learn it straight from the source.

Warning: You may listen to this episode and have some real aha’s about the people you’ve chosen to “sit next” to.

As “they” say, it’s important to take stock of the people you surround yourself with and notice whether it’s a relationship meant for a reason, a season or a lifetime. 

To access Amy Pearson’s  personality assessment, “The Approval Quiz”, Click here.

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