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Mastermind Parenting Podcast

Jul 28, 2020

In this LONG episode, I really ramble on about all sorts of stuff:). I really lost track of time, went off the cuff and talked about why loving pack leaders must have boundaries.

Pack leadership minimizes meltdowns because it represents confidence, strength and safety. Boundaries define borders and ground the people feeling unbalanced in their nervous systems, i.e., the melting down big and little humans. 

I have found that many moms have a really hard time with boundaries. I believe at the core of this limitation is the secret obstacle...the conditioning that you’re not worthy of having your own voice, space, time and standards about how you will and won’t live. 

This is a big topic and a core issue in our culture re: women and a lack of feeling as worthy as “them”. Now this may not be something we think we believe. We may tell ourselves the opposite and spew feminist messages from the rooftops.

However, if you have a hard time making time for yourself or “getting” the people to do the things and/or you feel like “must be nice to be able to”, and you’re constantly doing everything for everyone and there’s no time or energy left for the stuff you wanna do...well then sister friend, we gotta talk. 

You deserve to take up space in the world and not to put the needs of everyone else constantly before your own. And until you BELIEVE you’re truly worthy to do that, you’re gonna continue to have a hard time following thru on boundaries. And until you enforce consequences for boundary crossing behavior, the meltdowns in your family will persist. 

I normally try and make the podcast episodes short and sweet but this is a big topic and I decide to just allow my unfiltered thoughts to pour out in hopes that it might help you if you’re struggling with persistent meltdowns in your family.

I know it’s painful to live like that. I also know that you wanna have a family that gets along. I’d love to invite you to explore your own story if you’re struggling with pack leadership, boundaries and enforcing consequences. You deserve more. I’m determined to fight for you to have that.  

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