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Mastermind Parenting Podcast

Mar 5, 2018

As parents, we frequently find ourselves in a gap between the parent we want to be and the one we currently are when our kids are pushing our buttons. This is usually when we either yell (fight) or check out (flight). That’s right, we go into basic survival mode and many families find themselves living in a state of survival which often looks and feels a lot like everyone walking on eggshells. This is the opposite of what we want the vibe to be in our household.

The Parent Gap is the name of my book and you can grab your copy here:

Closing the parent gap involves mastering your mind and retraining the old programs that show up every time you get triggered and lose your cool. I tell a story about a client in this episode that was dealing with her strong willed child who also happened to be addicted to playing on Mom’s phone. I know many of us can relate to this scenario in this day and age. I discuss why her approach wasn’t working and what to do instead. Here’s the clip from Willy Wonka that I referenced when describing her approach

Creating a cohesive team rather than living in a home that feels divisive and combative is obviously the goal for us as parents. This episode will break down a real life scenario and describe how to get there without bribes, threats or punishments.

Changing the conversations in your home refers to  a tangible communication model using consistency, empathy and conversations that are actually productive rather than the old school lectures that fall on deaf ears.  

Topics covered:

  • Technology addiction
  • Why shifting from lectures
  • The Parent Gap theory & book
  • Limit setting
  • Script to use with raging kid 



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