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Mastermind Parenting Podcast

Jun 11, 2018

In this episode, I talk about the pressure of final exams for kids in middle and high of consciousness style, i.e.“Randi Rambling” on my evening doggy walk. I bring up our achievement oriented culture while considering the need to possibly redefine the
“successful” student in our changing world. Do we really think it’s the kids that excel at traditional education that will grow up to be the change agents we need to lead tomorrow?
I talk about thinking about the pressure we may accidentally put on our kids to live out our unpursued dreams. I share mistakes I’ve made and of course the best recovery method for all those EPIC parenting “fails”. When we handle those moments with the productive conversational method, i.e. with empathy, we end up even closer than if we’d handled it perfectly from the get go.

Topics covered:
  • The letter from a Singapore principal
  • Our rapidly changing world and that our kids will create their own jobs
  • Living vicariously through our kids when we’ve given up on our own dreams
  • Accidentally becoming the bully in our child’s life because we are trying to prevent pain or suffering we’ve experienced ourselves
  • Kids that are outta the box thinkers may just be the real leaders of tomorrow
  • Recovering from a parenting “fail” through having a productive conversation

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