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Mastermind Parenting Podcast

May 17, 2022

I'm doing a bunch of research right now because I have just started writing my second book! And this one's going to be a collaboration with my friend and fellow Mastermind Mom, Sarah Miller.

She is a doctor who is a pediatrician about half the time, and half the time internal medicine. We're having a lot of fun, and we're just in the outlining, planning it out phase right now. And we're testing a hypothesis. So, the hypothesis is basically that when you have a child who, from a very young age, is a challenging kid. One where your gut instincts tell you, “Hmm. I think there's something to figure out with this kiddo.” You know, let's say you're going to that baby class that all your friends signed up for and you've got the one child, I'm sure it's probably half the class, but in your mind, it's the one child who just is crying the whole time. And all the other babies are like clapping and doing all the baby things. And you've got the kid and you're sitting there working your ass off to try and have your little tiny baby enjoy this music class.

And by the time that baby's two, you're starting to go to the birthday parties and all the other kids seem to be participating, but you've got the child who's like clinging to your leg and they don't want to play. All the other parents are talking and sharing a beverage and you're having to deal with your kid who is refusing to leave your side. And then it's time to start preschool and the teachers are telling you, “Oh, it's just separation anxiety.”

So, there's just like there's scenario after scenario, after scenario where you're thinking there's something going on with your kid, but you don't even know where to start. And our hypothesis is that most people reach out or start asking questions during their doctor's visits with the pediatrician. Your pediatrician is a child development authority in your life. And someone you have that relationship where you feel like you can ask your “mom questions” and there's not going to be any judgment.

Do you think? And so listen to this episode and if you want, let me know if this is you. If you reach out to your doctor, your pediatrician, to find out about all the typical milestones and they're the ones that you go to every time your kid has a birthday or when in their first year of life, every month. Because they're looking at all the markers, and they're the ones who are kind of following your kid’s developmental progress.

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