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Mastermind Parenting Podcast

Feb 21, 2022

How do you discipline a strong-willed child without spanking or yelling? We’re building on the last two episodes where I started to unpack the topic of how to best discipline your child. Today I’m focusing on how to avoid spanking or yelling. Most parents know that spanking doesn’t work, and yelling doesn’t either, but most households still spank and yell. A lot of us grew up with spanking as part of our family discipline model, and yelling too, so it can be easy to fall back on these as a “go-to” method when we get frustrated and angry. And I am guilty of this as well, and today I share a recent experience where I simply lost it.

Yelling and spanking wounds and hurts our kids. Even though these may come naturally to us because of our past, and what was modeled to us, this doesn’t mean we can’t shift and adopt a different approach. Listen in as I break down my personal experience and some others to help you find a kinder and more gentle way to deal with these situations. You, and your kiddos, will be happier and more grounded.

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