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Mastermind Parenting Podcast

Dec 28, 2021

In this episode, Jenny and I unpacked so much - you guys are going to absolutely love her as much as I do! 

We discussed women’s health and tapping into our knowing, career shifts, finding the right fit therapist, gaslighting, boundaries, as well as seeing our own blindspots through group coaching and therapy and even more. 

Jennifer Friedman is a Physician, Counselor, Writer, and Teacher. She has studied and taught different forms of healing and possesses a unique understanding of the mind-body connection. Her extensive educational and experiential learning along with her deep appreciation for Spirituality and Energy Healing bring her unique ability to speak to a myriad of topics in the area of healing and mental health.

She has a private practice, Jennifer Friedman Wellness, PLLC, where she runs Women’s Workshops and Therapeutic Groups, offers specialized Teaching Programs, and sees clients for Wellness Consultation and Counseling.

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