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Mastermind Parenting Podcast

Mar 9, 2021

This month I’m featuring two conversations with Mastermind moms and the theme is around technology. You’ll hear a clip of me and advanced student/member, Tara, discussing pandemic virtual school and what’s really happening when we “lift the hood” of her brain regarding her kids being online from 8am until 3pm each day. 

Of course, we go into other topics because I know Tara very well and as an “advanced member” in the MMP Mastermind, she participates in all of our advanced programs which go way beyond parenting and into the personal development realm.

We touch on perfectionism, kid comparison, vulnerability, our own worthiness story, boundaries and apologizing. 

I love this conversation and decided to include it on the podcast because it’s more than tips and tools to reign in the tech in your kids’ lives. 

Ya know...right now we’re all doing the best we can. We know too much tech is not ideal for brain development. We know we shouldn’t let them rot in front of screens for hours on end. And yet...somedays it’s just freaking necessary.

Maybe it’s necessary b/c of school and maybe it’s necessary for our sanity. We are all struggling with this right now and I think hearing the REAL deal from each other and realizing we aren’t the only ones is the most helpful “tip” I can give you right now. AND...of course you’ll get plenty of tips woven into our convo. Enjoy!

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