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Mastermind Parenting Podcast

Feb 9, 2021

Years ago, Scott and I had an ongoing “convo”/argument about whether we should have a third kid. It went on for about a year and it was a stressful time in our relationship. Scott’s position was that we had a boy and a girl and we were done with diapers and baby bootcamp.

He literally couldn’t wrap his head around “why” I would screw up the light at the end of the tunnel he could almost see in the distance. Sooo, when Seth and Sarah began to engage in the same “convo” and turned to me for support, understandably, it felt like major dejavu’!

This month on the podcast, you’ll hear a 2 part episode with me, Seth and Sarah discussing this and much more, with some coaching sprinkled throughout. You are going to absolutely love them.

They’re REAL, smart, honest, vulnerable and I think many of you will relate and hopefully realize that learning to parent on the same page has the ability to strengthen your marriage and self awareness. 

Growing together and experiencing a level of deep connection with our partners is not commonplace unfortunately . We CAN disagree, have hard conversations with the people we love AND come together as a cohesive couple.

I. Just. Love. This. Episode. You will too! 

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