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Mastermind Parenting Podcast

Nov 10, 2020

Today I’m discussing why I think we are failing our struggling kids. Kids that act out and “are not doing well”, are in pain. I see it as three gaps we need to close to help these kids and frankly, all kids. I define these three gaps as: 

  1. The Parent Gap - The gap between the parent you wanna be and the reactive parent you are during triggering moments with your kids. This often looks like yelling, shaming and ultimately adding to the problem. 

  2. The Challenging Child Gap - All behavior is communication. Behavior is a symptom, not the root of the problem. These challenging kids need the adults caring for them, to get curious and uncover the root of the behavior. The child is always trying to have a need met and most often would benefit from additional time spent skill building rather than using shame and punishment as ineffective motivation tactics to improve behavior.  

  3. The Professional Gap - I believe that folks that choose a career in child development are generally the good guys - teachers, pediatricians, child therapists. HOWEVER, not all professionals are doing their own consciousness work. Many are still educated with old school methodology and promote pills before skills rather than working closely with parents to uncover the roots of the behavioral problems. 

There is a big communication gap between parents and child professionals. The solution for your kid is never going to come from merely sending them to a pediatric professional for an hour a week without making significant changes at home. Period. 

The solution to solving the “challenging child puzzle”  involves closing these three gaps so that our often hardest to reach kids can grow into the absolute best versions of themselves. This will be our focus this season on the podcast. 

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