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Mastermind Parenting Podcast

Mar 16, 2020

Anyone feeling anxious about pandemic safety measures and all things Coronavirus?


We are the grown-ups. We must put our pack feminine leadership energy into action and nurture the people and frankly, society with loving guidance and total badassery.

Move over corrupt leaders of the world...the MAMAS (and a few evolved Daddies are in the house).

We. Got. This.


-Practice hand washing and social distancing

-Model collective and community thinking for your kids (this is how we teach valuable lessons about entitlement and privilege to our kids wo lecturing)

-Refuse to take part in future tripping

-Focus on this moment and the next right step

-It’s smart to plan and prepare but don’t obsess and go overboard

-Paper towels and Kleenex can be used for tp if it comes to that and it isn’t a life or death situation if you have to wipe without the Charmin.


-Have a news discipline and only check once a day to keep yourself informed. Find one resource, preferably the CDC website

-No fear mongering or using this drama and hysteria to wallow or distract yourself from doing the work of mastering your mind...

-In fact, use this as an opportunity to practice mind mastery tools (simple mindfulness strategies like tuning into your breath, listening to short guided meditation, learning EFT Tapping) when you feel anxious or fall into fear-based thinking and future tripping

-Find a thought turnaround about kids being home from school - time to practice presence and build connection perhaps

-Use this time to show up as the parent you really wanna be

-Refuse to bond with other parents about the negativity and difficulty of being with kids all-day

-Use this time to re-evaluate priorities and lean into padding your relationship bank accounts with the extra time together

-THIS is an opportunity to practice empathy and productive convos...lean into allowing the disappointment and the grief cycle without lecturing, sugarcoating or attempting to happy up your kids

Here's a little cheatsheet if you want help on having a 3 step productive convo to discuss this difficult topic: