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Mastermind Parenting Podcast

Jul 19, 2022

We are going back to an episode where I really talk about what I think high sensitivity means to me. I read the book The Highly Sensitive Child by Elaine Aron and I've read many articles and I've studied this for a while. The acronym is HSP for highly sensitive person. I know many people are familiar with it these days.

I just thought it would be helpful because I refer to HSP quite often. And so if you have heard this term, or maybe you haven't heard this term, and you're curious about it, listen to this short and sweet episode where I talk about it and what I think that it means. 

I think that many people who have kids that are challenging, who challenge us, who call us to more, who a lot of people say are strong willed. And I think me bringing this to you guys again, is that I want y'all to really think about the questions, “Am I a highly sensitive person? Is my child a highly sensitive person?”

This is just all about self-awareness because I think that the main thing that needs to change in our culture is we need to stop thinking that there's something wrong with our kids and that they need to be fixed. Right? You didn't get a difficult child, you got a human one and there's never going to be one human being exactly like another, even identical twins. They are not exactly alike. Like we are humans. We are human four-leaf clovers. I think we have to start thinking about our kids as the little humans that they are, and it's our job to understand them, to understand when they're challenging us, all behaviors, communication, and we have to play investigator and, and, and help them help them do better. Help them feel better.

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